Best speech to text for Windows?
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What's the current best of voice to text software for Windows?

I can talk into my phone, without training it, and it gets it (mostly) right. (Droid MAXX if it's relevant)

Desired: Put the cursor in any text box, click something or say a keyword, have the most accurate text inserted into that text box. No internet connection required.

I've heard of Dragon but the person who would be using it is adamant that it not involve training because they didn't have to train their phone. So I thought hey, I've got an ask available... and I need help
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Windows has had built-in speech recognition that works pretty well for the last few versions. I think it's supposedly decent and requires little training. Dragon is still supposed to be the best, and IIRC, it doesn't REQUIRE training- it just gets better while you use it.
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I don't use it, but popular consensus is indeed that Dragon is still the best.
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