Wholesale flash drives?
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Can you suggest a reputable place to order bulk flash drives online? There seem to be lots of wholesalers online, but I'd rather pick one that isn't a scam. They need not be fancy and we don't even need a whole gig of memory, and I don't care if they're misprints, mismatched, or ugly so long as they work. We're trying to get the cheapest possible for student use in a middle school. I would need around 30 of them. (The students can't use an online file storage, nor can they burn CDs.)
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Have you tried AliBaba.com?

AliBaba.com connects Chinese exporters with people looking to buy in bulk. It's not just a straight sale, you have to interact a bit with the wholesaler to set things up, but they have very cheap options for this kind of thing, like less than $2US per unit.
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I would recommend CDWG. If you contact them directly, you may be able to negotiate a bulk discount. You may want to see if your school's IT department already does business with them and has established discounts. Regardless, cost should be around $5 per.
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Amazon has a bunch of choices for a couple bucks each.

Don't know how reliable those are but at least easy returns.
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we don't even need a whole gig of memory

You'll probably pay a premium for less than a gig (or even 2GB) these days, given how bulk production works with hardware, and the prices on Mitheral's link bear that out.
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I'd contact CDWG or or GovConnection. They should have some off brands for exactly what you're looking for, and cheaper than Amazon. Just be warned that you'll be on their call list and will get mail/phone sales calls. I've also dealt with local vendors who have cheap off-brands, so you might be able to contact them. Being local does make a difference in education pricing deals.
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