Looking for a specific MAD Magazine issue number
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There's a MAD Magazine bit I remember from my childhood and I'd like to lay eyes on it again. It would possibly have been in the late 70s but more likely early 80s.

It was a series of billboards of overlapping advertising slogans. I've found the text online:
Treat your cat to... Miller Lite...
Chlorox bleach... gets dentures bright...
Turtle Wax... stops jock itch fast...
Tootsie Rolls... are built to last...
Cutty Sark... protects your car...
Levis... give you lower tar...
Banish grey with... roll on Ban...
Keds... now in a six ounce can...
Chevy's got... a lighter smoke...
Cleaner people bathe with... Coke...
Schlitz... for those who watch their weight...
And Ex-Lax... makes the going great
I've searched a couple of the lines here and there but haven't nailed down the issue number. I'd love either the issue number itself (so I can search for it online and maybe buy it, or maybe not) or a photograph or scan from someone's collection.
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You can get the complete set of magazines up to 2006 on DVD. So you can easily visually search them.
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Are you sure it was on the cover? I remember that poem but don't know if it was on the cover or just inside/back of the magazine. This site appears to have all the covers and I didn't see it anywhere.

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I don't know the issue, but it does sound like MAD was riffing on the classic Billboard Song.
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Response by poster: thegoldfish: it wasn't on the cover. I think you may have misread the question.
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Best answer: I have the Totally MAD CD-ROM set (from 1952 through 1998) and thankfully, it's got a great search engine. I just reinstalled it and found the ad you're looking for.

April, 1981 page 37

Send me MeFi mail if you'd like me to email you a PDF of the page.
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Best answer: Also, thanks for ruining my productive for this Sunday, YOU CLOD!
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Response by poster: Thank you so much!
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