Is there a safe way to make lube smell better?
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So, I ordered some lube online (Please Cream) and while it works fine, it doesn't smell the best. Is there anything I can add to it to make it smell better?

It seems a waste to toss it (since I got a deal on two 8oz bottles) but wouldn't be cost prohibitive for me to just get something different either. I'd rather see if I could salvage them. Like, would a few drops of vanilla be the worse idea?

We don't use condoms for birth control, so I'm not worried about any interactions with condoms.
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Are you comfortable putting whatever you might use to scent it directly on your bits? That would be the defining question I'd ask about it.

Remember, too, that certain things that may not be irritating to your mouth (like the alcohol in vanilla extract, or certain essential oils) may be irritating to your bits.

I wouldn't do it, personally, but I am a delicate flower.
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If you were planning on using this product on porous membranes, you have to be real careful about what you might add to it. Vanilla, being alcohol, and also not smelling all that great on its own without sugar, would not be a thing I would want on mine.

You might just give them a week or two. Most lubes have a faint chemical odor, some will even out a little given some time.

If you wanted to buy some scented/flavored lube and mix a little in, that seems safer.
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Vape flavoring, from one of the billion vaping stores popping up everywhere. Safe enough for a lung, safe enough for a crotch, that's my motto.
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If it smells strong enough to be a distraction, it's not going to be easy to mask with perfume. It'll likely end up smelling like Vanilla Unpleasant instead of Original Flavor Unpleasant.

Lots of lubes have very faint or nonexistent odors. Try a different brand.
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I can smell lube on a person from 15 feet. Even when they smell decent, they still smell distinct, and you can't subtract a scent. Since you can only add to the scent, if the smell you're trying to cover up is repellent to you, you probably won't be satisfied with the result of adding a few drops of whatever to it (I immediately think of the elementary school stuff they sprinkle on vomit to absorb it while 'perfuming' the air--it doesn't trick anybody, it just makes you associate certain industrial fragrances with vomit for the rest of your life).

tl;dr: toss the stuff if you don't like the smell, it's not going to go away.
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I would really, truly hesitate to add anything that's not specifically for genitals to something you're going to get really up close and personal with. Please please please. That's just not a problem you want, particularly during sexy time.
To add to what Late Afternoon mentioned above, you really may not be able to change the smell by adding anything to it. My suggestion would be adding other scents to your play space by lighting candles, maybe some scented body lotions/oils for (non-genital) massage beforehand, a shower together afterward, etc.
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Coconut oil?
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