Small Business Accountants in NYC?
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I run a small law firm in New York City and need to find an accountant for the business to help with taxes, etc., but have no idea how to find a good one. Google brings back a bewildering number of results. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go? Thanks for any advice anyone might have!
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I like my accountant, who's based in Nassau, although I'm in NYC: Harry Wigler. Knows what he's doing, and he's a nice guy at a reasonable cost. I've used him for personal stuff, but the friend who recommended him to me has him working on business issues.
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The only way to find a good accountant is by personal referral. Otherwise, how would you know what clients think of her or him? I love mine particularly because he's a one-person shop and is a straight shooter and is incredibly prompt, even though he has an AOL email address. (He does our LLC's taxes and tax advice.)
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I just sent you a PM with my guy's contact information.
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SJ Tax Associates, on 19th Street, has been doing my business' taxes since 1995 and are terrific. The owner, Shelly, was previously an IRS audit manager, and knows every trick. I've recommended them to other small business owners over the years and they've all been very happy with the service they're received.
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Response by poster: Sorry for being slow to get back to this, but thanks to everyone for the suggestions. They're very helpful!
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