Get all updates through end-of-life on fresh installation of Office 2003
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I just replaced my dying laptop with a new (Windows 7) one, and pulled out my old Office 2003 disc. After I got it installed and activated, I realized Windows Update didn't pull down any updates for it. I understand that MS stopped supporting this software, and that there won't be any new patches or updates from April 2014 on, but I'd like to be up-to-date with everything published through 4/2014. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks!

Based on Help->About, I think I'm running a version of Office 2003 that predates even SP1, so I'm painfully out of date, and probably exposed. I guess this is why MS made activation so difficult (the software gives the impression it's impossible, but googling found the phone number -- 888-652-2342 -- and the automated phone activation still works, despite what MS says).
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Go here and download sp3 manually. And make sure your windows update is set to install both for Windows and other Microsoft products. There should be a line in windows update saying windows only or everything.
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I think you have to tell Windows Update that you want it to patch Microsoft software other than the OS.

In the "Windows Update" frame from the control panel, on the left side is a "Change Settings" choice. If you select that, make sure to check the box labelled "Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows".
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On the off chance that you're using Office 2003 only because you don't want to buy a new version and not because you simply prefer it to the newer versions, you might consider checking to see if you can get the latest version of Office for only $10 from the MS Home Use Program through your job.
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The reason deezil's advice will work is that MS fairly frequently decides to define a particular service pack as a "baseline" for updates, and if you don't have that SP installed, Microsoft Update simply doesn't recognize what you have as a product for which updates are available.

Office 2003 is the last version without the detestable Ribbon, which still makes me grind my teeth every time I have to do something I haven't done for a few months.
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flabdablet: There is ubitmenu for that
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Oh, nice find! Were it not for the fact that the vast bulk of my MS Office use occurs on other people's machines, I'd be all over that.
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