Default browser settings in Microsoft Office 2003?
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How do I get hyperlinks in MS Office 2003 (SP1) to open in my default browser (Maxthon 1.1) rather than IE? I'm on WinXP SP2. Hyperlinks on the desktop or in other apps (e.g., Eudora) open correctly in Maxthon.
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I'm not guaranteeing anything, but open up explorer (like, to see your filesystem), got tools-folder options. Filetypes is the third tab, go there. Scroll down to htm &/v html, click it, then click and specify the program that you want to use to open that kind of file by default.

As I said, no guarantees, but I gave it a test try and it works.

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DevilsAdvocate, I think I found your answer here.
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Response by poster: Nope, sorry PP & jam, I had already done both of those. Thanks for the advice anyway!
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You might want to go back into the File Types dialog and look for these additional entries:

(NONE) URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol
(NONE) URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy
URL: Internet Shortcut

I used to have the exact same problem when I used Maxthon (MyIE2 at the time). I never bothered to figure it out and figured it was just one Microsoft product forcing the use of another one. But since I switched to Firefox, Office now behaves and opens links in my desired browser, so I know it's possible.
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Response by poster: Nope, I got those as well, llamateur. Maybe it is a Maxthon-specific problem.
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Do you just click the link in Word or do you have the [ctrl]-leftclick?

otoh, do you *really* need IE? I've been sorely tempted to rip the sucker out of my XPpro box since my two banks now support Moz.
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Response by poster: Just click. And yes, it is tempting to get rid of IE, but I'm not entirely sure that would solve the problem--for all I know, I would just get an error when I clicked a link then.
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