Case studies of FBI foreign investigations? Nonfiction only.
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I'm looking for case studies, meaty articles, well-researched (or first-person!) true crime books, etc. about foreign investigations conducted by the FBI, or about foreign investigations in which the FBI provides substantial assistance. I am especially interested in the procedural side of conducting these investigations, both on paper and in reality.

Agencies other than the FBI could be okay, as could non-US agencies operating on foreign soil. However, I am *only* interested in stories of law enforcement agencies conducting specific criminal investigations on foreign soil. I am explicitly *not* looking for stories which center around intelligence-gathering and/or the CIA and/or the NSA.
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I haven't read enough to recommend specific articles, but the FBI (and Scotland Yard, etc) had a hand in assisting Kenya after the Westgate Mall attack in September 2013. I moved to Ethiopia days after and it was huge news in the region for a long time. The HBO documentary is good, though it documents events during the attack.
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I think Ali Soufan's "the black banners" (I would hyperlink it but I'm not smooth enough) would probably fit the bill for you. There's some discussion about interaction with intelligence agencies and much of what Soufan dealt with was classified, but it's not a book about intelligence gathering, it's definitely a book about post 9-11 criminal investigations conducted principally on foreign soil.
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