Yacht or not?
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Does actor Colin Firth own a yacht? Has he ever publicly expressed interest in owning a yacht? (I am aware he is slated to appear in an upcoming movie featuring a yacht.)

Please help settle a debate that has been raging for at least a week about whether Colin Firth is "a yacht guy."
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He and his wife hosted a party on a yacht in 2013 - does that count?
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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "yacht"--he's a successful actor, but he's not making Russian oligarch money. He's not from a posh background, he and his wife and kids live in Hampshire and Umbria. He could sail on Lake Trasimeno, I guess. If he had a really big boat, I think we'd have heard about it during the publicity when he was cast.
(In 2007, he went sailing with Pierce Brosnan after Mama Mia!)
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to ideefixe's point - most famous people on yachts that you see are partying with someone else or renting it or some combination of both.
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Best answer: It might still be hired but it says it's theirs!
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