Help me find these "Great People" flashcards from my youth.
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Listening to the Hardcore History podcast about Ghengis Khan recently, I was reminded of a set of flash-card type things that I remember having when I was growing up. The cards featured a picture of a "great person" on the front, and a short write-up about him or her (but honestly I think they were mostly men) on the back. Can you help me find a set of them?

I remember the artwork being black and white, and specifically etching/ engraving (at least for the cards I'm remembering most, like Ghengis Khan). This would have been in the early 80s, but the cards might have been much older--from my mom's childhood (late 50s, early 60s).

I'm associating them in my mind with the World Book Encyclodpedia (and specifically that green color of the edition we had) but that could just be me combining things in my memory. Finally, I think they were about 3"x5" or 4"x6".

Is this ringing any bells for you, and if so , can you point me toward where I might find a set?

I know you can do this, MetaFilter. Thanks in advance!
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I have a set of British royalty cards made by Fax Pax, which looks like it might still be selling such things.
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Or, if you're willing to go with a more modern set, maybe look through Pomegranate's Knowledge Cards series?

ETA: Was it this?
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An unlikely possibility...
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Bouncing off the suggestion from mr. digits, does this list (scroll down) ring any bells?
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Thanks for the answers, everyone. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing 'em--the pictures were definitely black and white, and the whole thing had a much earlier feel to it. I'm now thinking they most likely were my mom's when she was little.

The Tops cards are actually closest, but not that close, and the backs had a lot more copy on them.
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Vintage Book of Knowledge Flash Cards (and quiz game!)
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Wow, good find, Iris Gambol! I found a few additional photos of individual cards from that set here.
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That's them, Iris Gambol! Thanks so much. Metafilter does it again.
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