Yes, I've seen Titanic.
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I'm interested in stories (real or fictional) about people who have intentionally changed their identities following some sort of disaster in which they were presumed dead.
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Mad Men.
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not a tragedy - but patrick mcdermott faked his own death and then was found because he kept checking the website put up to find him.
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Fade to Black by Wendy Corsi Staub
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Not a tragedy but in a recent episode of GIRLS (Season 3, Episode 4), Jessa found out that one of her friends faked her death in order to end the friendship.
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Philip Roth's The Ghost Writer.
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I Married a Dead Man by Cornell Woolrich.
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Two well known examples of faked deaths (rather than tragedy) are John Stonehouse and John Darwin.

The Mad Men-type identity switcheroo was also the central conceit of godawful 90s movie Sommersby.
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Eddie Izzard's character in the recent Day of the Triffids TV miniseries
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[uh, spoiler alert] it's a crucial twist in Agatha Christie's Murder in Mesopotamia
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The Principal in Simpsons
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The Mad Men-type identity switcheroo was also the central conceit of godawful 90s movie Sommersby.

Which was a bad remake of a much better French movie called The Return of Martin Guerre.
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One of the dangling threads that was never resolved of Downton Abbey (Season 2 I think) was about a long-lost cousin who was presumed dead on the Titanic. I don't remember any details and may have mangled that description, but the story line never went anywhere.
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Get Shorty, film and novel
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Sucture, and to an extent, Gattica.

The 1973 film Who?, adapted from Algis Budrys' novel teases this theme.
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Joshua Abraham Norton wasn't presumed dead (he just moved away from town for a while) but when he returned as Emperor Norton he was pretty spectacular.
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I believe The Emperor's Children includes this re 9-11 and the WTC, though it's been a while since I read it.
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Richard Wright's "The Outsider".
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This is one of the central themes to the thriller Dark Tide (which I got because I thought I was getting the book about the Boston Molasses Flood). Family man dies in an act of terrorism, then it turns out that it's not what it seems. Clearly evocative of WTC without going there.
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Julia Roberts' character in Sleeping with the Enemy faked her own death at sea, and changed her identity to escape an abusive husband.
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Douglas Coupland's novel Miss Wyoming involves a celebrity surviving a plane crash and taking the opportunity to abandon her identity.
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Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones.
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A theme in many novels of Joyce Carol Oates is people who assume new identities after something tragic or traumatic in their lives.
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The Late Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello is probably my favorite example of this.
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Oh, come on people: The Third Man.
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I Married A Dead Man was made into a movie as No Man Of Her Own, starring Barbara Stanwyck, and remade as Mrs. Winterbourne, with Ricki Lake.

Also, my dad's law office was in a building the former owner of which faked his own death by drowning so he could run off with his mistress. He was caught within a year or two by an insurance investigator.
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In the Last Emperor the identity change is neither voluntary nor after a presumption of physical death, but it still mostly fits your criteria.
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Sam Raimie's "Dark Man" may fit.
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Anna Anderson claimed to be the surviving daughter of the Tsar of Russia. It was finally proven in 2007 she was not.
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Another not arising from an accident is Exit the Rainmaker.

"Jay Carsey appeared to be a successful president at a southern Maryland college, with a devoted wife and admiring colleagues, when he suddenly disappeared. Carsey made a new, low-scale life for himself in Texas, while those left behind struggled to come to grips with their incredulity at his abandonment and the resultant change in their lives."
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[SPOILERS] What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman.
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