Need a good bag for hauling LPs
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I would like to find something that I can take on trips that will hold a good stack of LPs, and also double as a sturdy weekend bag that can be used as a a small carry-on for flights.

I have a lightweight canvas bag that I use for LPs when buying from local shops or record shows, but need something a little more heavy-duty. In the past I've used messenger bags, but ideally I'd like something that has a handle as well as a shoulder strap; I'm willing to spend a reasonable amount but don't want to go much over $100. Any suggestions?
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How many records do you want to carry?

Maybe a Manhattan Portage DJ bag?

Turntable Lab also has some options.
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How many LPs are you looking to carry? I make sure all of my messenger bags are waterproof and big enough to carry LPs.

I used to use a bag that was very similar to the Manhattan Portage DJ Bag. I then used a medium or large Timbuk2 bag for a while. Now I have a custom bag, but it holds records and a bunch of other stuff quite well.
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The Kensington Saddlebag will hold 20-30 records and 10+20 45s. It looks like they might not make them anymore though.
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I thank pb for turning me on to the most amazing bag ever.* I actually use the medium, but the small should work for LPs, right?

*the only way it could be more perfect is if it had a detachable belt pouch.
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This one from Airbag Craftworks is about $113 (and then there's the not-insignificant shipping charge), but it's meant specifically for LPs.
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