Something like arduino for people with poor vision
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So, I am getting into Arduino as something to tinker with. And it seems like something my elderly father would also really enjoy futzing around with.

I am wondering about kits that work better for the vision impaired. It would be nice to have something which didn't involve as much close up reading of fine print on circuits. Or as much trying to wrangle tiny wires into tiny breadboards. I realized things are geared towards smaller is better. Reading text off a screen is not an issue. Bonus points for things geared more toward the sorts of things you can do with an Arduino then the sort of stuff you can do with say, Legp Mindstorm stuff.
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Maybe the littleBits Arduino module and kits? The print on the modules is still VERY small, so he would still need a magnifier to ID the different modules or perhaps help organizing/labeling them initially, but the actual connecting-up just involves magnets. You're somewhat limited by types of modules available, but there's a lot you could potentially do with it.
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Maakemakey is arduino based and meant for kid so fine dexterity isn' as needed.
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Snap Circuits!! I've gotten a set for my younger sisters, and it's been great.
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