Wheres a good place online to buy inexpnsive light Italian-style suits?
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We were in Rome a couple summers back and I was taken with how well dressed Italian men are even in the summer heat. It seems the secret is in all the shops there selling very lightweight jackets, pants, suits. Perfectly suited to spring and summer weather. I picked up a couple outfits while I was there and now Im back in California and I'm wanting to grab more. Does anyone know of an online retailer that specializes in this sort of thing?
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What's your price range? SuitSupply makes great, reasonably priced suits. They're half-canvassed, SS has a variety of modern cuts (and a truly unfortunate abbreviation, now that I write it), and if you get something in a light fabric and/or half-lined (looks like they have at least a few linen and linen blends right now, and I know they've had more in the past and will probably restock in time for summer), it should be pleasantly cool. Their suits run $470-700, which isn't pocket change for most, but is a pretty good deal for the quality of suit you're getting. You're unlikely to beat that price/quality combo unless you head to eBay and are willing to do the research and then wait.
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Look for tropical wool or linen or maybe seersucker (if you want to be edgy for a Californian) as materials.
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And don't let the word "wool" scare you off. Light wool breathes very well, and shields your body from the sun to boot.
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What about contacting the store(s) in Rome where you purchased? Maybe send them a picture of the things you bought and see if you can order more.
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