Combine 3 Craigslist searches
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This can't be impossible, but my search skills reveal nothing. I have 3 Craigslist searches for apartments. I want to see the results of all three on one page, preferably a map. Is there a way to combine?

For context. I have a search for what I would expect at different price ranges.
A 1 bedroom should be in X-Range, a 2 bedroom in Y-Range, a 3 bedroom in Z-range.
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Have you tried It won't combine the three, but it'll display everything on a map.
posted by maryr at 10:26 AM on February 11, 2015 [1 favorite]

Neat! Turns out, Craigslist now has a map built in. It's great.

Still want to combine the three searches on one page though...
posted by jander03 at 10:36 AM on February 11, 2015

Could you use the "advanced" search operators to combine the three searches into one?
posted by jon1270 at 11:31 AM on February 11, 2015

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