Evil Surf Punk?
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I really like the combination of ominous sound and surf guitar influence in East Bay Ray's work with the Dead Kennedys. (Examples would be "Police Truck" and "Too Drunk to Fuck".) Are there other bands who do a similar sort of evil surf sound?
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Wavves probably.

Bass Drum of Death also
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I don't know if The Cramps would count... they did do Surfin' Dead, and they generally had a very 1965, guitar-heavy, campy-evil sound.
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Man... or Astro-man?
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Agent Orange... (Mainly in the solo, but they also covered surf songs).
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The Bomboras and The Ghastly Ones...

and not surf, but in a similar vane, The Meteors.
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Raygun ... Naked Raygun.

I Don't Know
Rat Patrol
Surf Combat
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Victims Family, maybe? Their lead guitarist and singer Ralph Spight is also in Jello's new band and has recorded for his label, Alternative Tentacles.

The Victims Family album "White Bread Blues" is an amazing example of SoCal skate punk and well worth finding. Here's another cut from the album, Caged Bird.
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Some surf goth sounds, apart from the Cramps:

45 Grave - Surf Bat (probably your best bet)
Vampire Beach Babes - Gothic Surf-a-Rama
The Horatii - Island of the Zombie Women
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The Growlers
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Both instuments only, but The Coffin Daggers and Messer Chups specialize in spooky n' sinister midnight surfing.
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The Horrors (not the UK band, the US one--which, now that the UK band is huge, I'm finding difficulty tracking down online--I'll check back in if I can find a solid link)

The Cramps?
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Girl Trouble, one of my favorite bands in the whole world.
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The Mummies. I'm not very familiar with their work, so here's the first video that showed up on YouTube.
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Yeah, Cramps, 45 Grave and Mummies for sure; all best appreciated on a scratchy 7-inch. The Ghosts were almost a Mummies homage, but had that same garage/surf thing. Also worth digging back to the source, e.g. Link Wray.
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The Blind Shake. Although not as on-point, you might want to check out the bands John Reis has been in, like The Night Marchers.
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Some of my fave jams of theirs are Killer Waves and Midnight Movies but really they just totally rip 100% of the time pretty much.
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The Independents.
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