How to send text messages from new ipod to regular non-smart phone.
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Have a newest gen (6th?) ipod touch and heard that I can use google hangouts to send normal SMS text messages, but after installing there is no way in the interface to send a message, other than a Hangouts message. I can call any phone number just fine, but would love to figure out a way to send free text messages. Have found "Text Free" and other similar apps...if Hangouts can't do what I want, what is the best alternative?
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Google Voice should be able to do what you want.
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Tried to sign up for Google Voice but they require an existing phone number.
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You select as if creating a new hangout, and it says 'type an email, name or phone number'... you can do it from there. It looks like a Hangout message but will have a SMS tag in the picture.
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Hangouts can do individual sms, but not group. canine epigram gives the correct answer.

Also, I think Google Voice requires a phone number to sign up, but once signed up, not one to implement. I use GV in my browser all the time. You could set it up with your phone number on your cell then use it on your iPod.
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I used to have a Gen4 iPod touch and I got TextNow, which worked amazingly well.
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canine: On my ipod, I select new Hangout, it says To: and when I type in a phone number it search-filters on that eventually saying No results and doesn't allow me to push the send button.
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