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I just discovered the wonderful Los Prisioneros. Please recommend similar Spanish-language music with 80's vibes for this Yazoo fan.
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You'd probably like early Mecano
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Some of Aleks Syntek's earlier stuff might fit the bill:
Hey tú
Mis impulsos sobre ti
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The synthpop-influenced music from the 80s was "La Movida".

I'd recommend you to get compilations like La Edad de Oro del Pop Español to get an idea of the best known artists, but here are a few apart from the already-mentioned Mecano.

Alaska y Dinarama - A Quién Le Importa
Aviador Dro - El Color De Tus Ojos Al Bailar (bonus: Joy Division cover)
Parálisis Permanente - Te Gustará/ Unidos/ Nacidos Para Dominar (bonus: Quiero Ser Santa, which is my fave)
Tino Casal - Eloise (because The Damned fanboys, that's why)
La Unión - Lobo Hombre en París
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And a few more because I'm in full nostalgia mood.

Olé Olé - No Controles (originally by the Mexican band Flans)
Radio Futura - Enamorado de la Moda Juvenil
Golpes Bajos - No Mires A Los Ojos De La Gente
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Most of Cetu Javu's tracks are sung in English(and are worth checking out anyway), but they did do several in Spanish.
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I hope you really delve deep into the Prisioneros's back catalogue.

'El Baile de los Que Sobran' is one of the best songs of the 1980s, regardless of language. That entire album (Pateando Piedras) is absolutely incredible.

If you understand what they're saying about the conditions most normal Chileans lived under in that era, it's all the more impressive.
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You need all of Soda Stereo, my dear! There is no 80s pop in Latin America without them.

Cuando pase el temblor
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