Simple HTML5 audio player
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I'm looking for a very simple HTML audio player that I can customize with CSS.

I recently realized that I'm overpaying for web hosting. 95% of my website is just static pages, so there's really no need to be paying for a host that supports SQL, PHP, etc.

The one exception is that I have a few sites that use OpenTape (OpenTape is the host-your-own alternative to Muxtape that got made after Muxtape was shut down).

Here's an example of what I use OpenTape for. Just a simple, clean list of tracks, and ability to completely customize the look-and-feel via CSS.

I read documentation for HTML5 audio, and I get in over my head really quickly. I figure there must be a template somewhere for more-or-less what I'm trying to do. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Would something like Able Player do the trick? Requires jQuery/modernizr but nothing server-side. Here are some examples of its use.
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Best answer: I use audio.js for this.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, camgee and bradf. I'll try both of these out.
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