Creating a Google map without the map part
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I need to build a map on a webpage that acts pretty much just like google maps (zoomable, scrollable, pins that have popups (with hyperlinks) when clicked) but it's not a physical map. It'll look more like an org chart. Are there any javascript packages out there that do this?

It doesn't need the ability for others to add pins or whatever. Most users will just have the ability to scootch around, click on boxes (pins) that pop up additional info.
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Prezi will do this. Good luck!
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I did something with SVG and Javascript very much like this recently. Unfortunately I don't own the copyright to it - so I can't share precisely. But SVG viewers provide the ability to zoom, scroll, add hyperlinks and popups and such. All you'd have to know is how to do the DOM manipulations.
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It wouldn't be too hard to do this with flash.
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Best answer: You can actually do this with... Google Maps.

If you'd prefer a more open-source, self-hosted option, check out OpenLayers.

Disclaimer: I haven't used either, but it sounds like they're what you want.
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