how is babby gift formed?
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I want to give some dear friends the MOST AMAZING omg-you're-pregnant present. But I don't look at baby stuff and so I have no idea where to even start. Requirements: super cute, expressive of how happy I am for them.

This is the first baby in my close circle so I have no go-to gifts. It's a long-awaited, much hoped-for baby. Mostly I want to fete the mom but a couple gift or something with components for both would work, too. They also have a tiny dog who I would love to include if I can!

They're a smart, arty couple, both in creative fields. She's classic/cute but down-to-earth; he's a shaggy artist type. They're at three months. Are considering buying a house in the next year, too.

She's been super tired and having a hard time with cooking/eating/chores, so I'll definitely send them some housecleaning and meal delivery at some point, but right now I want to give them something tangible. No knitting/crochet ideas, please—that base is so ridiculously covered.

Is there like a site I should go and look at? Or A Thing that all newly pregnant ladies covet? Or just—what in early pregnancy would have made you feel like a warm cozy family unit beloved by your friends?

Thanks AskMe!!
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Or A Thing that all newly pregnant ladies covet?

Body pillow body pillow body pillow! The gift that keeps on giving all through pregnancy when you need support for your hips, knees and bump to have any hope at all of being able to sleep.
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On the smaller end, hot beverages (roobios/red tea, peppermint, instant ginger tea, hot chocolate are my go-to) are an option or a gift certificate to do a manicure/pedicure. Or just plan a friend's brunch/lunch/tea out on you.

A gift certificate for the couple to a high-end fancy restaurant would be a nice large gift option. It might be cute to include a neutral onesie (with a duck or something non-gendered) with that.
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Best answer: When my best friend told me she was pregnant, I sent her a box full of treats with a big card that said "OMG YOU'RE PREGNANT!".

I got some stuff for her - comfy socks, fancy cream for her feet, bubble bath, a few colors of cute nailpolish, a box of thank you notes, some candy and other snacks.

I also got some stuff for the baby - matching socks, a few onsies, a cute baby bottle, and a line-a-day baby journal.

I tried to keep everything in the same general color scheme, and put alot of work into packaging it all up so it was a big cute surprise.
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Best answer: I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and some things I loved are my Snoogle body pillow (I know that this gift sounds lame, but I adore my pillow), having a prenatal massage, and I bought myself this pregnancy journal which I loved because it's absolutely gorgeous and mature looking compared to a lot of other journals I looked at.

I also loved having lots of comfy PJs, socks, robes and stuff in my first trimester because I lounged around feeling like crap most of the time and decided that I wanted to be wearing the softest, most luxurious stuff while doing so.

Just a note for food, I know every woman has a different experience, but during early pregnancy, I had an incredibly difficult time eating and had extreme food aversions to many things I normally loved. I ended up wasting a lot of food during this time because people would give me food that made my stomach turn, or I'd buy something thinking I'd be okay to eat it, only to have it rot in the fridge because I felt too nauseous to consider consuming anything other than bagels and yogurt. Meal delivery and food gifts are nice, but make sure that if she's having changes to her appetite, it's something she can use or make last until after the morning sickness subsides a bit further on in her pregnancy.
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Best answer: Really nice pajamas are a good gift, if you know her approximate size and preferred pajama style, and if you get something like this she can wear them throughout the pregnancy and afterwards for nursing.

I got some nightgowns and a bathrobe as a gift, and ended up really enjoying them; pregnant ladies tend to sleep less well, and new parents pretty much never sleep, and when you're so often awake against your wishes, you can at least be awake in new comfy jammies.
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I have a one-month-old - here's what I appreciated most at different points in my pregnancy:

1st Trimester - This time was just all about the excitement - anything people did to share in our happiness was awesome - congratulations cards and little presents. Pedicure gift cards, fun snacks, cute onesies, cupcakes, etc.

2nd Trimester - By this time we were starting to focus on all the things we'd need to get. I really appreciated practical stuff for baby from our registry (bouncers, bottles, diaper bags, etc.). Now with a newborn, I still really appreciate the practical gifts and think fondly about the gift-givers who realized that we'd need different types of bouncers, nice crib sheets, etc.

3rd Trimester - At this point I was just really uncomfortable and in serious nesting mode. I loved, loved, loved a massage gift certificate I got and that a friend came over to see the nursery-in-progress and then went and got what I still needed most. Also, really nice dark-colored pajamas for after the baby is born.

Newborn - It's just as crazy as everyone said. I have really appreciated meals, especially gift certificates for take-out that we can use when we need them most. House-cleaning would be awesome too. I also think this box from pinhole press (baby outfit, coffee and gift certificate for baby photo items) is a great idea (or you could do a gift certificate to artifact uprising if they're a bit art-ier). Also, if my best friend were having a baby next week, I'd put together a basket of all the foods she couldn't eat during pregnancy (wine, brie, fancy charcuterie, etc.) and bring it to her the week after the birth. Everybody focuses on the baby at this point, but it's nice to get something specifically for the recovering mom, too.
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Best answer: get a tiny hoodie for the dog + tiny hoodie for the baby + normal sized hoodies for the parents all in a matching basic gender-neutral color like red

someone got me and my dog matching hoodies for christmas once and it was the cutest ever
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I am a big fan of giving this book to expecting parents, as a nice lighthearted way to say "Congratulations!" I like to give gifts to the parents themselves since that baby is probably going to be showered every which way. Maybe some sparkling grape juice for now and then a nice bottle of champagne for later. If you're feeling like a baller (or can have many people chip in) maybe send them away for a little "babymoon" or a photo session.
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Best answer: Maybe some things to help them enjoy their last few baby-free months together? Movie vouchers, theater tickets, dinner somewhere nice that doesn't have high chairs.

Other things I liked are:
Belly band (so I could wear non-maternity pants for longer)
Belly and back support band (for when my belly got much bigger)
Pregnancy pillow (I loved my Snoogle.)
Expectant parents dinner (You'd have to look up stuff like that for your area. I went to one in NYC by Big City Moms.)

One thing I kept wishing I could have splurged on is a prenatal massage, but they're really expensive in New York. You could also look into how much prenatal yoga classes are in their area, or expectant mothers support groups.

And something for the baby, like baby booties or a clever onesie.
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We received a pack of bandana-style "dribble bibs" (this brand but there are others I assume), which we'd never thought of getting but turned out to be super-useful for a couple of years. They stop the dribble from soaking the baby's clothes (it's somewhat easier to swap a bib than the whole babygrow!). They had pretty funky designs. I guess you could put them on the dog too?
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When I was a teen, I happened to buy two or three turtle-themed knickknacks (ceramic or metal or glass statuettes) that happened to appeal to me. Somehow, this led to everyone who knew me going "OMG! You Collect TURTLES!" and then, by default, yuppers, I collected turtles because I kept being given them as gifts.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my best friend gave me a turtle knickknack she found that depicted a momma turtle and a little baby turtle on her back or something. It was really cute and it was really personal and it meant a lot to me.

So is there something you know of that is particular to her that you could do a momma-and-baby themed version of? Or could you buy her Madonna-and-child themed art or something?
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grandma's chicken soup baby gift packages are great. I sent it to my niece when she had her baby, and she loved it, and we have gotten other gifts from this site and the food is delicious, all of it. The soup really is like homemade and the bread is lovely, as are cakes etc. plus the little toys are cute.
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Best answer: A gift certificate to have professional couple's pregnancy pictures taken.
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Best answer: Some ideas...

* Pregnancy massage voucher with a remedial massage therapist that specialises in pregnancy
* Baby carrier such as an Ergo Baby or Hug-a-bub or a Baby Bjorn, some take babies from a younger age such as the wrap styles.
* Breast pump & bottles to suit (some research may be required here but the Medela swing breast pump is at the higher end of the consumer market) this gift assumes she will breastfeed / bottle feed and pump milk
* Luxurious cot sheets/bedding or hooded baby towels with some super-luzze all-natural baby liquid soaps & moisturisers & bath toys, (for later down the track as soaps are not recommended earlier on)
* Wool/sheep pram liner (to suit her chosen pram model)
* Pregnancy or post-birth/newborn Photo package
* Vintage Rocking horse
* Car seat/capsule (need to get their inputs on this one or let them chose it as some have removable bassinet/carriers that would fit into their chosen pram)
* Local designer, luxurious fabric baby grow suits in newborn size. Babies pretty much live in baby grow suits in the first 3-6mths so not much point buying impractical boy/girl styles anyway for this age range.
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Seconding Michele in California's suggestion. The valentine's day before my baby was born, my husband got me the sweetest little stuffed mama bear wearing a red sweater attached to a tiny little baby bear. It was very cute and so sweet. My toddler started playing with it recently and just loves, loves that there is a mommy and baby bear (or "bee-uhr" as she likes to say). She carries that thing around everywhere. It was a two-in-one gift :)

If you want to spend more, the first thing that we bought for our unborn child was one of these rocking animals. I hate pottery barn kids, but damn that toy is the softest cutest thing ever and my daughter loves it. I love it too, I wish I was tot-sized so that I could rock on that thing.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, you guys!

I'm not really looking for baby gifts so much right now; she's not due until August and there's plenty of time for that, so many of these ideas will be super helpful then! Marking sleepwear and photo ideas as best answers for a right-now YAY YOU DID IT LITERALLY gift, and also Juliet Banana's hoodies, because heh.

The photo ideas led me down the garden path and ultimately I think I'm going to give them 1) a big couple gift of an Olloclip lens kit thing to help them document all the amazing stuff that is going to happen from now on; and 2) a smaller survival kit thing for my girl with stretchy sleep pants, cocoa butter, a belly band, ginger Altoids, maybe slippers or cashmere socks, etc.

Thanks again everyone!!
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Oh, for that survival kit, might I recommend Tums? For real. The smoothie flavors are not bad. (I hated the regular Tums.)
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