British actress's onstage veiled insult against an American actress
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Which British actress was it insulting which American actress onstage by replacing the word "can't" in all her dialogue?

Some time back I read this story and I can't find it again. Instead I'm just finding endless discussions of whether the word "cunt" is offensive and/or various people declaiming that one actress or another is a cunt.

Bonus question: other notable instances where the primary point is not to say a sentence which makes sense so much as to drop in a vicious insult--other than Neil Patrick Harris's 2013 Tony routine, which is apparently debatable (let's not debate it here) but which is nonetheless what started the discussion which prompted this question.
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I've only ever heard that anecdote as being about the mother abbess in the Sound of Music. "I can't face it!"
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Yeah, I always assumed the Abbess's "What is it you c*nt face?" was humourous error rather than deliberate insult, but you never know.
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It might be, but I too am sure I have read about this, or something very similar - thinking 1940s-50s - Olivia De Havilland?
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While it is unlikely to fully represent the usage of the word in spoken English, Google Ngrams suggest that "cuntface" (or "cunt face") did not really arrive as a word until the 1970s, after the time of the film. (Who knows? Perhaps the film actually inspired the slang.) Keep in mind as well that a British actress with a Babelfish in her ear would hear "arsehole" rather than "fanny".

As to any anecdotes, TVTropes seems not to have heard of them (viz. "Real Life").
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Hamlet talking to Ophelia: 'Do you think I meant c(o)untry matters?' (3:2)
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