Best Glare-Free Kindle Light
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I have acquired a Kindle, and I'm hoping there's a really great light out there to go with it.

Right now, I'm using a clip on LED, and while the amount of light and the area it covers are fine, I'm getting a dot of glare when it's on. I'm having to move it around every page to read.

I don't have any preference as to style or anything, though something streamlined would be nice. I have a cover on right now, but I'm happy to remove it to accommodate a good light. I'd also have no problem with a lighted cover if it's not too heavy or bulky.
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What kind of kindle?
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I use the Octovo Solis, which is the third entry on this list of decent Kindle lights. It's got a very oblique angle to it, which gives a nice even, glare-free read. I quite often read with all other lights out when my wife is asleep and it's perfect for that, no eyestrain.
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Response by poster: 7th Generation.
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> I use the Octovo Solis, which is the third entry on this list of decent Kindle lights.

Unfortunately, Amazon says "Currently unavailable." I have a third-generation Kindle and would love not to have to use the bright nightstand light that forces my wife to wear an eyemask; does anybody use/recommend any of these, listed as alternatives by Amazon?

Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (Graphite)

iKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Light

Xtraflex2 Led Book Light, Black

Verso E-Reader Clip Light, Black
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languagehat: I use the Belkin, and it works pretty well - it's a bit glare-y, but if you angle it so it shines from the side not the top it's much better. Just don't throw out the adaptor clip because you assume you'll never use it, or you'll have to duct tape the light to the Kindle. Or so I'm told. whoops.
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A similar question came up a couple of years/generations ago and consensus at that time was the Mighty Bright XtraFlex 2.
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