Metal-ish cover of Rasputin that ISN'T Turisas?
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Hi AskMe. I'm losing my mind. I heard a cover of the Boney M disco song Rasputin on Pandora a few years ago. It came up in rotation a few times, but I can't find a version that matches the one I recall, either on my channel thumbs-up songs or on a Pandora song title search. I can't find it Googling 'Rasputin cover.' It's not the Turisas version, but it's similar.

The guitars, speed and production quality are similar in the Turisas cover. But the one I remember has much more distinct, expressive vocals, with amusement in the voice. Fast and loud but playful and bouncy.

It's not Boiled in Lead, Macaulish, Town Pants, or anything else I can find. The fate of the universe is not at stake, but help anyway?
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I find that Pandora plays me a lot of live recordings - is it possibly Turisas playing Rasputin live that you heard? There's a lot of that on YouTube.
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Response by poster: It's possible I suppose, but I think the singer was a native English speaker in the version I'm looking for.
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Is it this version by Monkypolis?
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Response by poster: No, though that is a neat one.
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