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Last night got a pop up notice that 127 files were deleted from my Dropbox. I didn't delete anything. What happened? I have one shared folder that has little activity. I'd like to know what files were deleted and where I can find them. I run OS X.
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Sign in to your Dropbox.com account and click the trash can in the upper right corner to show the deleted files.
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If it's a shared folder, maybe someone removed the folder from their computer? Go to Dropbox's website and check out the events: https://www.dropbox.com/events It will show you a log of who deleted it. Then click on the deletions and you can restore the files.
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You can log in to dropbox.com, navigate to the folder and click the trash can icon to show the deleted files. This will show who deleted the files and allow you to delete them permanently or restore them.
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Log in to dropbox.com. There's a little trashcan icon, which if you hover over it says "show deleted items". Click that, and it will show the deleted items as greyed-out links. Click on a deleted item and it will tell you who deleted it.
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Also, if it says you deleted them it may be time to change your password.
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Response by poster: I click the the trash icon and it opens, but no files are shown. Any ideas why?

-- good idea, @no regrets, I'll change my password. And I'll do some Dropbox housecleaning today.
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Hi! I work at Dropbox. If you still have questions, you can try posting them in the Dropbox Forum. Also, feel free to MeFi mail me, and I can get someone in touch with you.
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I believe the trash icon will only show deleted files in the current directory. I'd use Events or go into your shared folder and click the trash can icon there.
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Via the web interface, look for folders that are "shared". Click the Share option on the right and click "Invite people to collaborate". This will show you who you shared the folder with. Click the X to the right to remove them if desired, or change their sharing status from Edit to View to eliminate their ability to delete stuff.

Trashcan method: Click the trashcan so the lid is Open, not Closed. Go to the folder where stuff if missing. Deleted files should show up grayed out.

Events method: Go to Events and scroll back; you should see listings for the deletions. Click on files you want to restore, and on the next page that will open, select the version you want and restore it.
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To prevent this from happening in the future, turn on two factor authentication for Dropbox. That way, if someone wants to successfully login to Dropbox with your credentials, they're also going to need the code sent to your mobile number via SMS.
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Also, I believe that Dropbox archives all the contents of your folders for thirty days, for free and paid accounts alike--so even if they were deleted, you can get them back.

This might help: https://www.dropbox.com/help/296
And if you'd like to pay for a year's worth of backups: https://www.dropbox.com/help/113

Seconding turning on two-factor authentication, while you're at it. It's easy and painless.
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Some programs (for example Audacity, and certain email clients) create and delete a lot of small hidden files during normal operation. So this might be completely normal if you store certain types of projects or archives in your Dropbox folder.
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