Utrecht: small church courtyard?
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I'm trying to identify a church in central Utrecht that is roughly 700 years old; is NOT especially tall or ornate; and has (or had as of the late 90s) a small inner courtyard with a simple, spare garden built around a little round pond or raised round pool. Any ideas re. which this is or where I could look for clues? I've browsed lots of google images but haven't recognized it that way.
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Is it the Domtuin courtyard behind the Dom tower? Google pics here. Ah Utrecht, lovely town!
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Have you gone through the list of Utrecht churches on Wikipedia?
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another link to the church rumbles mentioned:
The Kloosterhof a cloister with garden linked to the Dom church

Another option would be
The garden from the former Mariakerk
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Another vote for the Dom tower.
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I often have luck identifying buildings in photos by looking at streetview and the satellite/Google Earth view on Google Maps. Here is the church people above have mentioned:.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! The courtyard is much smaller and less complex than the Dom's. More like the Mariakerk's, but I felt sure there was some kind of small water feature in the middle....

However, I suppose I could be remembering wrong (remembering that stone rose as a stone pool) because the Mariakerk is the only one with the right year of construction in neushoorn's list!
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How long ago were you there? The Mariakerk's central sculptural element was installed in 1974 and might have replaced a water feature. I've done some Googling in Dutch but can't find mention of what was there before. WHOOPS ON PREVIEW — I see you were there in the 90s. So forget this thought.
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My guess would be the Mariakerk as well.

Dropping two possible suggestions in case you're misremembering. Neither has a central water feature at this time though.

Flora's Hof. It's not really a part of any church, but it lies just below the Dom tower.

The Pandhof garden of the Catharijneconvent. There's an image here. But this is bigger like the Dom's Kloosterhof.
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