MacBook charger cord casing repair
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The rubbery casing on my MacBook's charger just split after 6 months of use. I bought this one after the same thing happened to my last one. It's not splitting in the high strain zone near the body of the adapter, but part way down the cord. What's the best way to prevent the cord from splitting further? I've tried electrical tape previously, but it doesn't hold up well and leaves a lot of goopy adhesive behind. Thanks!
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Try wrapping it with string or thread like a friendship bracelet. You can find how-tos online.

Otherwise, the apple chargers just kinda suck. You could try a third party. Personally I love the Amazon brand for my iphone charger. It's super sturdy.
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Sugru. I'm on mobile, so can't link easily, but I love this stuff for cord repairs of all kinds. It comes in white.
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Have you complained about this yet at an Apple Store?
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I've had Apple replace a seriously frayed charger. If you have proof of purchase, I'd try returning and replacing it.
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I use white gaffer tape. More durable and less goopy than electrical tape.
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Apple may not replace chargers split/frayed anywhere but the ends.

What I did with my last frayed charger was to buy just a new cable, open up the charger body, remove the old cable, and solder in the new one. If you go that route, you'll need solder, a soldering iron, and superglue; and, you'll need to buy the right connector for your computer (the older laptops have a MagSafe 1 connector; MagSafe 2 is slightly different).
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. That friendship bracelet method sure is pretty. I'd need to remember my days at sleep away camp. Can't seem to find my receipt and, in any case, I bought it at an Apple reseller when I was working abroad in Asia (not sure if that matters). I think I'll try the Sugru or plasti dip route. Maybe I'll wrap a friendship bracelet on top of that!
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I've heard that Apple stores can be pretty okay about replacing faulty chargers, especially if you've bought it within the last year. If there's an Apple store nearby, I think it's definitely worth taking it in. I don't think you would need a receipt.

Edited to add: this includes chargers that were frayed in places other than the ends.
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These are supposed to be used for labeling cords but I
think they add strength also.
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Waning, the receipt, it honestly doesn't matter. I'd still try the Apple store. I have a lot of bad things to say about Apple but their customer support this last year for me has been beyond excellent.

At $22 for some Sugru, why not give that a shot first.
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I'd vote for Sugru as well. I had the same problem with my cord about a month ago and that's what I used. It's held up well and the cord remains flexible. I didn't do the prettiest job of it, as it's the first time I've used the stuff, but it's not too noticeable or hideous.
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I have the same problem and all the Apple store offered me was a replacement charger for $61. It's a known issue and a fire hazard they don't seem to care.
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If Apple won't replace it I'd also try Sugru.
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If Apple won't replace it buy a refurbished one here.

That's a certified apple reseller from the ancient, rainbow logo days. I've gotten several chargers from them for ~$35 in excellent shape. They have their own warranties too and the company is very pleasant to deal with.

Don't try the cable replacement method. It's a nightmare and incredibly annoying. I'm an experienced technician, and was being shoulder surfed/assisted by the yoda of electronics guys, and I ended up trashing the thing in frustration and just buying one.

Apple will replace it though. Bring the machine it goes to with you, they'll check the serial and hand you a new charger in seconds. I've had them do it even when it obviously wasn't the charger that came with the machine.
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Silicone caulk + cornstarch = Oogoo, the DIY Sugru substitute.
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