Connecting MacBook Pro To A Television
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What Cable Do I Need To Buy To Connect My MacBookPro To This TV.

The place I am renting has the landlord's TV but no DVD player. I have a aluminum MacBook Pro with a DVD player.

What cable would I need to buy in order to connect my laptop to the TV (so I could watch internet videos and play DVDs)?

I am an American expat in South Africa, so I would prefer to purchase the cable online (no Best Buy or Fry's here).

Thanks in advance!
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You'll need three things to watch DVDs from your computer to the TV:

1) a DVI-to-S-Video adapter (probably the Apple one
2) an S-Video cable (readily available via Amazon), and
3) sterio mini-jack to RCA (red and blue) cable (for sound) (also readily available via Amazon).

The quality is not going to be super but it'll be fine, likely no worse than an analog TV signal.
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Depends on which MacBook Pro. If it's a recent unibody model, you'll need a Mini DisplayPort to S-Video adapter. The previous generation MacBook Pros used dual-link DVI outputs, so you'll need DVI-to-S-Video.
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I suffered through the pains of trying out exactly what The Michael The said, and I couldn't get it to work. I bought the new aluminum body Macbook (now the 13" macbook pro) and the video card in that thing apparently won't output a signal for S-Video like previous generations of Macs did. You will have to find a signal converter for DVI to S-Video, the one I tried didn't work and I gave up troubleshooting. Good luck!

If you do get it to work, PLEASE post the details here!
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Ooooh, right. The unibody MacBooks no longer output an analog signal at all. If you have an older MacBook Pro with a mini-DVI or DVI port, my solution works. If you have a newer MacBook Pro with the Mini DisplayPort, you'll need a converter rather than an adapter, to convert the digital signal to analog.

This thread describes the problem and offers some solutions.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies, however I have the newer unibody MacBooks.

Any idea where I can get a cord and converter?
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The thread I linked to earlier has a couple of links to Amazon, and to a couple of OTHER threads that have links to products. I'd start there.

Specifically, this response links to a converter and to a video tutorial.
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Whoops, it's this response. My bad.
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Just thought I'd pop back here and let people know I managed to get a video converter to work between my new Macbook and the old television i have, using a mini display port to DVI adaptor. Works fine.
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