Projector problems
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I have borrowed two sony projectors (both Sony vpl-cs5) and each one shows a large blob on the side of the projection (definitely not on the wall). Any idea what might be the cause and what might be the fix?

Large Blob showing on projection
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If I'd used 2 completely different projectors and gotten the same blob, I'd suspect the image.
So Captain Obvious says: Are you certain it's not in the image?
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Response by poster: This shows before the projector is even connected to anything when there is no image.
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I ran into a similar problem with one of our projectors at the office. Turns out it was caused by using a third-party lamp. I can't remember exactly which part was damaged, but it cost like $400 to have it fix.

As unlikely as it seems, it's entirely possible for both projectors to have the same problem (perhaps the previous owner put a bad lamp in one, noticed the defect, and then put it in the other projector unaware that the lamp was actually causing the damage).

If the owner of the projector can't help, I would recommend calling Sony's tech support.
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I'm not an expert by any means but this makes me think "damaged LCD screen"
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A long time ago my family had a Sony rear projection LCD TV, and as it aged it developed a splotch like this. I think it was a common problem with those TVs. See here. Your projectors seem to be of a similar vintage as those defective TVs, so maybe they have a similar problem?
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Were the blobs identical? If not, both projectors have a similar problem. If the blobs were exactly the same, look at the cable or the source computer for the issue.
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I'm with aubilenon. When I saw your image, I thought to myself it looked like physical damage to the LCD panel that the light is shining through, and I went to google whether your projector was LCD or DLP. It's LCD.

The replacement cost of an equivalent projector (800x600, 1800 lumens, used) will probably be lower than the cost to open and repair it.
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I had this issue with an old bulb projector I inherited. It turned out the cause was a damaged polarisation filter on the bulb. It required replacing the bulb, which was more expensive than buying a new projector. Things may have changed though, this was a while ago.
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Could it be a burn in problem similar to that which early plasma screen suffered from? Maybe these projectors were used to display images with a static part (like the MTV logo) and that has burnt in to the LCD screen. Not much you can do if that's the case unfortunately.
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