A slim, inexpensive, effective Samsung S5 case
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I just upgraded my phone to a Samsung S5. I'd like to protect it, but since it's already on the big side I'd like to get a case that balances slimness and protection. I already have a screen shield on it, so something that plays nice with that would be appreciated. Price range is between 10 and 25 dollars. Availability on Amazon a huge plus.
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I have had the spigen neo hybrid (ok, but deformed every single charger and had buttons come off), the otter box (huge, obviously), and the incipio feather case (on my phone now, awesome yet tiny).
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Best answer: i have the incipio rival on my iphone 6. i have dropped it multiple times, and it's worked great. it's a thinner case - i bought it so the phone and the case would fit in my pocket (women's pants are notoriously horrible for this - i wear jeans so it's less bad, but still.).
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I like the Spigen Slim Armor case a lot.
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I also have the Slim Armor Spigen S5 Case.

I like it. It's pretty and and I think it does a decent job of protecting the phone.

If the bare phone fits in your pocket the cased phone will as well.
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WireCutter endorses the Spigen Slim Armor for $17.

The one I have, the Candyshell Grip, is a bit above your price range at $34, but I like it a lot and can recommend it. Their logo is slightly unfortunate (go Greendale?) but I think the case itself is both practical and cool-looking, and the grippy rubber bits are a nice addition since I'm a klutz.
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Response by poster: Thanks koroshira, I ended up going with your suggestion and it's been great so far.
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