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I am meeting up for a weekend with some guys from college (all in our 30s) and looking for a good spot to meet up/things to do. We all live in the southeast and it would be good to find something in between Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. Obviously we could stay in the one of those cities and there would be a lot to do, but I am curious if there are some hidden gems or fun places outside of the cities. Thanks in advance!
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When are you wanting to go? If summer, you could plan a rafting trip to the Ocoee or Nantahala, or plan a camping/hiking trip through the Smokies (Cherokee National Forest is a great destination).
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Response by poster: Oh sorry...we are scheduling for the next month or two, but we could schedule trips down the road.
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Well Atlanta is equidistant between Chattanooga and Birmingham. So you could do a big weekend in the ATL. Lots to do, places to nom, and you'd save on a hotel room.

If you're feeling more high toned, you can do Chateau Elan.

If you're looking for more of a dude's weekend, since it's off season there are all sorts of resorts/cabins up by Lake Lanier Islands.

Helen, GA has kitch value. But they'll have cabins.

I had a pretty fun time in Tunica, but that's near NO ONE!
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Huntsville, AL has the US Space and Rocket Center, which is super cool.
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If you're near Chattanooga, and the schedule lines up, I recommend checking out Bluegrass Underground. A friend and I went a couple of summers ago and it was really cool. It's a bit of a drive from Atlanta (where we were), but I think it's only an hour or so from Chattanooga.
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Come to Memphis! We have Graceland, Beale Street, NBA Grizzlies, and pandas! Casinos are 30 minutes away, if that's your thing. We have great food, too.
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Just throwing out a few suggestions that haven't been mentioned yet. Barnsley Gardens resort - between Atlanta and Chattanooga. Cloudland Canyon state park - very close to Chattanooga. Rome, Georgia - home to Berry College. I like the downtown area there. Also, eagles! For a day trip in the area, the Etowah Indian Mounds are pretty fascinating.
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nthing Helen, GA, which is close by the Nantahala River, which if I recall is the most rafted river east of the Mississippi. Had a great, low-key time there. Also the Biltmore isn't too far either and is incredibly cool, especially if you'd like to get blotto on wine.
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