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Asking for a friend: I have been trying to remember a song for literally 20 years. My wife (then girlfriend) were sitting together on our first day as a couple watching MTVs 120 Minutes (they actually played videos back then but were starting not to). The song/video in question was quirky. It was a black-and-white video featuring a man putting on a full face of makeup in front of a mirror and IIRC dressed in drag. Possible lyric fragment "she's just driving me wild" - but I may have misremembered it.
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If he remembers the date, he can at least find the playlist from that date from here.
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Did you see this?
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James - Laid ?
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Seconding Syllables (without looking at their link, either).
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Response by poster: Also has the line, "You're driving me crazy", which is... similar. Throwing this idea back at my friend, thanks!
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If not that, then possibly Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing. (Mirror and makeup start at about 3:00. Potentially NSFW Warning: prosthetic buttocks. No 'driving me wild' lyrics though.)
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i really want to say it's a U2 video, from achtung baby/zooropa era. but i'm blanking on the song and can't find it right now....
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is it maybe the anton corbijn version of one? i can't view the whole thing right now, but it has the guys in drag.
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My suggestions are based upon MTV Europe's 120 Minutes. Not sure if these ever crossed over but man in drag made me think of the utterly wonderful dEUS and "Roses" (1996). Meanwhile the whole "she's driving me wild" and the make-up makes me think of Suede's "Metal Mickey". Neither really, really fit but I thought I'd throw them into the mix.
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"In bloom," by nirvana?
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I am horrified that these songs and videos are so old. Suede's debut came out 22 years ago. TWENTY TWO. That was the first CD I ever bought with my own money, and it patterned the next decade of my life (so Suede definitely crossed over, but the wonderful dEUS video was new to me).


they actually played videos back then but were starting not to

If we're talking about the US, I suspect this dates the time frame of interest to about '97/'98 or later. That's when I recall videos really starting to take a back seat to programming (i.e. TRL spawned from the void in '98).
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