40th Birthday Snow Pentathlon!
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My wife is going to be turning 40 this month, and in addition to the obligatory good food, friends, and requested viewing party of Man From Snowy River (her favorite movie), I'm hoping to add a fun, mildly competitive event for all attendees: a snow-based pentathlon.

Ok, so it doesn't strictly have to be 5 events, but there should be a bunch of fun and silly things to do. We have snow now, and will in the foreseeable future, but should potentially also have back-up snowless events (or even indoor events if the weather is truly horrid. We're a fairly outdoorsy, active, and rural gang, so athletic or ranchy (not raunchy) events are encouraged, but honestly, I'm looking for any and all ideas. Today I'll be checking out the Ludocity website I saw recommended in another thread, too. So far, here are some of my ideas:

• 2-person skijoring (one person tows another sitting in a snow disc around a course)
• target snowball throwing (maybe even combine with a small xc ski track around our 2.5 acre property to make it more biathlon-like)
• snowcow (or log) lariat toss (wife grew up on a cattle ranch, so we have the appropriate lasso and fake calf head)
• timed log chopping (many friends are involved in forestry)

Other ideas?
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Build the tallest tower using only snow? You could supply rectangular tupperware snow-brick molds for each team, or just go freeform. Or, tallest snowman?
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Ok well this is a goofy one, but how about wife-carrying? Make an obstacle course through the snow.
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Snow fort or igloo building.
Snowman contest --- largest, artistic merit, ???
You mention target snowball throwing --- make it team and individual events?
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Three legged snowshoe race. You have to put both middle feet on one showshoe. One of the funniest thing I have ever seen.
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How about a version of the biathalon, which is accurate target shooting while continuing to ski, and/or skiing then stopping at pre-determined locations to shoot at specific targets. Your contestants could snowshoe or ski or sled around a preset course, stopping at a couple of spots along the way where they'd have to throw snowballs at a target; they'd get points for both speed and accuracy.

For track & field events: maybe jumping over hurdles while wearing snowshoes, or perhaps a 50-yard-dash through thick snowdrifts.
Can you set out several disposable pie tins filled with water, so they'd freeze? Pop out the resulting ice disks and have a discus throwing event.

How about something involving snow shovels --- is it too late to set out several identical items to be snowed under, as in 'this event is called, dig out the doghouse!'

If you have a pond that's safe for ice skating: your own version of Olympic ice dancing.

For totally silly, competitive snow angels: style counts!
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If you want a non-athletic based event, how about the best artistic rendition of your wife using colored snow?
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Freeze some really big blocks of ice and have an ice carving contest. Divide into teams according to how many chainsaws you have access to. Provide smaller carving tools too.
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