Shopping cart solution for physical goods without a subscription fee?
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I'm a clothing reseller and would like to branch out from eBay to my own e-commerce site. I don't currently have the sales volume to justify a monthly subscription fee to a service like Shopify ($30/month). I do have a domain name, access to cheap webhosting with Wordpress and other CMS platforms, and a decent amount of tech knowledge. What are some free or very cheap solutions in 2015 for hosting a shopping cart on my own site and accepting credit card payments with per-transaction fees, preferably with a minimal amount of coding and fuss?
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Stripe? There are various plugin integrations for WP, some standalone, some part of broader cart packages.
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Yeah, Stripe is the first thing that came to mind.
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Paypal has a point and click store builder. then you just cut and paste the code in Wordpress. Would be a PITA to maintain if you have a lot of products, but for a dozen or two it wouldn't be too bad.
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Best answer: There are a lot of Wordpress ecommerce plugins. WooCommerce is very popular and has a good community.
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Magento with a good responsive theme. Might have to pay for the better themes- there are some free ones, but the nicest seemed to be commercial.
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Best answer: Square Register offers an online storefront.
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