Delicious fusion restaurants in LA?
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Any recommendations for creative, vegetarian-friendly fusion type restaurants (e.g. Asian/Indian/Mexican/Middle Eastern fusion) in Los Angeles, particularly in or near Pasadena?
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Elf Cafe in Echo Park is terrific. Vegetarian, inventive. Not too far from Pasadena.

Closer, in J Town is Shojin, vegan Japanese.

We used to stop in at Sahara (Middle Eastern) on Colorado Blvd, but it has been a couple of years.
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My vegetarian friends took me to dinner at Carousel in Glendale. They ate strictly off the a la carte menu, and ate well.

My other vegetarian friends and I really enjoy India Sweets and Spices in Atwater Village.
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My very favorite is Indian-fusion gastropub Badmaash, which is Downtown and has a goodly number of delicious veg dishes on the menu.
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Seconding Shojin and Baadmash. Zinc Cafe in the Arts District is 100% vegetarian - it may not be as fusion-y as you are looking for, but my vegetarian and meat-eating friends all love it.
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