Free 35+ minute online workout videos?
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I was told that to get the (mental) health benefits of exercise, I need to get my heart rate up for at least 35 minutes. Where can I find free online workout videos that are 35 minutes or more?

I'd prefer mostly cardio, though I don't mind a bit of muscle building as long as my heart rate doesn't drop. I currently use Fitness Blender
videos, but most of the 35+ minute ones are intense HIIT, focus too much on muscle building, or are just over the 35 minute mark and once warm-up and stretching are taken into account, they do not keep my heart rate up for the specified amount of time. I really like things along the lines of Gillian Michaels Thirty Day Shred, but those don't meet the time requirement either. I don't need something all the strenuous, just needs to get the heart rate up. Suggestions?
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Have you tried out BeFit?
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Hulu has a "health and wellness" category with exercise videos. YMMV but it's free to watch on your computer.
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I know you were asking for videos so my suggestion might not be what you are looking for but since you mentioned the mental health benefit from it, I'd absolutely recommend doing something outside.
I personally am a dancer and therefore do a lot of sport inside but nothing feels better than running outside and have the fresh air.
What I would do is looking for a 'bootcamp-group' in your area you could join. That's mainly cardio and a bit of muscle building. Once you have joined a group you will get a better idea of what you could do at home on your own.
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Response by poster: @eternitypost I should have specified... I really enjoying running outside, but this is something I can't do all year. Where I live, it is currently -38 (Celsius) so outside activity is a no-go.
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On a slight tangent, the app Superhero Workout might help keep you interested. In this blog post Adrian Hon (MeFi's own) talks about how the boredom problem is one of the main reasons they created the app.

(It's not exactly what you're asking for — it's an app, not videos, and it costs $4.99 — but it includes 20 missions lasting between 17-25 minutes each, 12 high-intensity workouts of varying lengths, and an "endless" interactive Battle Workout.)
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The NHS has a few options.
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