Plan our pre-baby Februrary getaway from Montreal!
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We are trying to plan a no-stress vacation for two - our last as a couple before we have a baby! The plan is to go somewhere easy and hot, easily-ish accessible from Montreal, to lie on the beach and not think about too many stressful details, for about a week. I'm going to be 6 months pregnant, so we are trying to avoid places that are likely to give me food poisoning (yes we know the risks are everywhere.) What's your best place/hotel/resort/beach suggestion with direct flights to Montreal?

We would love specific suggestions of hotels or resorts, as well as general booking tips. We have never booked an all-inclusive thing before and while we are generally not super keen on this kind of trip, maybe it's the right circumstances? Maybe not? Have you ever booked last minute, or is this risky? Are there places that we can go and enjoy?
We are looking to spend about $2-3000 total for about a week of relaxing. The location is not super important though we aren't big on the idea of Cuba. Proximity to a beach and heat are very, very necessary.
Also we (of course) have travel insurance and also know that there are inherent risks of vacationing while pregnant; we don't really need advice on that front, thank you.
Thank you!
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Best answer: My standard answer: Isla Mujeres, MX. It's a great little island, 30m by ferry from Cancun. There are hotels there (and there's a previous thread here where someone recommended a beloved hotel that looked amaaaazing), and also a lot of apartments and condos you can rent - which might be especially preferable so you can have a kitchen.

The last time I went, we stayed in some apartments on the less commercial south end of the island, with a friend who was ~4 months, and the island was laid-back enough that she didn't have to feel bad about requiring a mid-day siesta and/or hammock time by the pool, but there were also options for things to do. But if you want to be close to the walkable beaches, you'll want the north end or central area. It's a tiny island, though, nothing is "far" exactly.

I just got an email this morning from a resort group I've stayed with in Playa del Carmen (the property I stayed at several times is gone now, sadly), about their newest property that's right on the beach close to the main drag, and they do a "modified American meal plan" that includes 2 out of 3 meals per day. There are tons of restaurants up and down the main road. I don't know this property but I have never been anything short of impressed by the management. And I really really like Playa del Carmen - not nearly the teenaged party riot of Cancun, but not as quiet as Tulum.

But I still vote #1 Isla Mujeres.
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We went to visit friends/family in Hawaii and CA when I was six months pregnant and had a great time. In Hawaii we stayed with a hippie friend and were pretty much camping and that was fine too. We did spring for fancy travel insurance that covered pregnancy and birth (Colombus Direct, I think? MeMail me for details). Have fun!
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It's not a direct flight -- you have to change in Oahu -- but I'd go to The Grand Hyatt in Kauai if I were you. It's gorgeous, and you can just LAY THERE. Or you guys can explore the island. It's gorgeous (I was there a couple of years ago) and so so relaxing.
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Response by poster: after much consulting of different places on Lyn Never's list, we just booked a flight to cancun, and we're going to stay in tulum! we will probably do a day trip to playa del carmen or isla mujeres.

hawaii is, of course, gorgeous but at almost 15 hours' flight away from Montreal, it's not very realistic for this trip.

thanks for your answers!
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