Need Help Finding a Specific Job Search Article
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I need help locating a specific job search article that I read at least a week ago, if not several weeks ago. It was pretty concise, but contained information I found helpful. Unfortunately, my memory is a bit fuzzy on this particular topic, and Google-Fu (consequently) has failed me.

I also remember that the article suggested that blogging was vital, and in particular that one should create a personal website, which could be done in eight (or so) days, and that the link to the website should be placed on LinkedIn. A link within the article was then provided to a website that explained how to create the personal website. That's all I remember. Yes, I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking it.
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Best answer: Hmm, this looked close but doesn't think blogging is vital necessarily. This one is pretty similar. Do you think it was on Forbes? They seem to have a lot of articles like it, maybe the specific one you are thinking of was on there, too. Can you remember any of the styling of the article page? Maybe that would help narrow it down.
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That article gets written and published on LinkedIn by recruiters and "personal branding" consultants about 100 times a week. It could be any of thousands of articles floating around the Internet right now, and they all say essentially the same thing. Maybe you can comment with your specific questions and we can just answer them?
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Might it be How to Promote Yourself (Without Being Sleazy)?

It's an old article, but I just read it last week because it was a link on a new lifehacker article.

Actually, now that I'm rereading your description, this might not be it, but it does sound similar.
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Response by poster: The tone was a cross between Forbes and Lifehacker, which I both read regularly. foxfirefey, I wish I remembered the styling! The tone itself was pretty terse if that helps. These articles are helpful, but not the exact one. I will leave this unresolved, just in case someone stumbles about it.

COD, I am aware there are many articles on this subject. I don't need your help with any questions; I just wanted that specific article, hence my title.
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