Budget tablet recommendations for D&D
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I'm thinking of picking up a tablet for playing Dungeons & Dragons. I need some advice on which tablets do well with both graphics-heavy PDFs and spreadsheets. Under $200 preferred.

Basically what I need is something that can handle a die roller, a character sheet (spreadsheet), and multiple PDF sourcebooks open at once. As far as hardware, the only concrete requirements are an SD reader or OTG/USB port, and enough RAM and a good-enough screen to make PDFs viable.

Currently I use my laptop for this stuff, but it's unwieldly in my friends' cramped apartment. Something small-ish I could throw in my purse would be ideal. I don't care which OS it uses.

Does anybody have experience with this or similar use cases? What should I be looking for?

For some examples, I've been looking at the HP Stream 7 and Asus MeMOPad 7, but they have only 1GB RAM and 1280x800 screens. Is that still usable?
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I have a Nexus 7 that I use for reading .pdf copies of journal articles and web browsing. I love it. It's responsive, holds battery well, has a nice screen, and is very light and portable.
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Kindle Fire might be a good choice, mainly because the price is subsidized by Amazon.

It's like video games: the console is sold at cost or a small loss because they expect to make it back on games. Likewise Amazon sells the Fire cheap because Fire owners then buy games and/or books.

But nothing says you have to, and the Fire displays PDF files just fine.
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The Fire HDX 7" is $199 now. The display is 1900*1200 and it has 2 GB of memory.
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I love my Dell Venue 8 Pro. I use it for reading PDFs of D&D books with no problem. And if you have any Windows-specific programs for gaming it'll handle them, too, on the desktop as it uses full Windows 8 and not the stripped down RT version.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I ended up getting the HP Stream 7 ($99), and it's been working beautifully! Especially since it comes with full MS Office, so I can run Excel character sheets.
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