Amazon won't ship certain items to me in China.How do I get around that?
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There are certain items I cannot buy in China. So I tend to use Amazon for cases like this. But there are some items they refuse to ship to me here.

I buy my sneakers on amazon and zappos. The shipping cost hurts but size 13 or 14 in China is next to impossible to get. And recently I wanted to purchase a few Levis 501 from there because again, my size isn't exactly common here. But Amazon told me they cannot ship this item to me. I suppose that's a legal contract they have but I can't come to my friends yet again and ask them to repackage something. I feel that doing such would be a good way to lose friends, just like asking them to help you move too many times.

Is there a forwarding service that I may not know about? Any ideas?
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Pay a US based reshipping center.

Don't be surprised if the package ends up in a deep black hole. Few things are as unreliable as Chinese mail.
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Best answer:
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Best answer: is what I've used in Australia. Postage - like everything from the US - is not cheap, but they are generally very competitive with postage, if not best around, and the other fees can make it worthwhile for more expensive items. Choose DHL if you can.
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My relatives just ask people they know who are traveling to bring stuff back. AFAIK, that's the only truly reliable way. Then test your friend/relative to dinner and don't forget the favor.
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Best answer: Here in Malaysia, my friends and I use HopShopGo.
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Best answer: Malltail is very popular here in South Korea, for buying things from the US and Europe. Shipping is about 40% cheaper than DHL, Fedex, etc. They have as well, for the Chinese market.
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I haven't used it, but this is one I know of:
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Another happy customer here.
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