Shipping a computer?
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Shipping a desktop pc from Australia to the UK? Air or ship? Which companies? Any tips?

I've recently moved from Melbourne to London and I've been looking into buying a new pc, but decided it's a better idea to get my kitted out pc shipped over here. It's a reasonably heavy mid-tower pc with 5 hdd's, etc - can't weigh it at the moment since I'm already in London. I'm wondering what sort of costs are involved and if there's any sort of import laws, forms, things I need to be aware of? Is air freighting it likely to be safer than shipping or would it be too costly? Any advice welcome, thanks!
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Try These people:
You will need to pack / or have packed your computer very well.
Air freight is fast and expensive; Seafreight is slow and costs much less. The most expensive bits comparatively are likely to be you to the depot / the depot to you.
Ask about customs clearance it is frequently worth the company doing this for you.
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Thanks for the response mate, I will check out that company.
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