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I need the BEST CHERRY CORDIALS IN THE WORLD that can be ordered online and mailed!

My dad loves those cherry cordials. I love my dad. His actual gift won't arrive by Xmas, so I would like to send him some cherry cordials, and I'm hoping that Metafilter's Chocolate Snobs can point me towards some wonderful chocolatiers that do mail order. No Queen Anne's or Brach's, please.

Ideally they will be:
- not too sugary. I know that's a weird thing to ask for in a candy, but you know how cheap candy tastes? Think the opposite of that.
- available in a small package. He's one guy, he doesn't need six dozen of them. 4-6 will be fine.
- able to be delivered by Dec 24th

The best suggestions will be places that you have personally experienced.

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I haven't had these yet, but I'm also a cherry cordial lover. I would be thrilled if someone sent me these:

I think they were even one of Oprah's favorite things at one point. And they are pretty reasonably priced.
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I'd recommend L'Artisan du Chocolat's Griottine au Cognac because UNF they are fantastic, but they only do Chef's choice assortments for mail-order. I've gone in and picked out several flavors myself for gift boxes past xmasses, and they were very well-received. If you can't find anything else exceptional hit me up in MeMail and maybe we can work something out...
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Best answer: These are excellent. Krause's
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I've had chocolates from Artisan du Chocolat and they were very good -- can't vouch for the cherries though.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I went with Krause's. They arrived on Dec 24th and my dad was delighted, he's proclaimed them to be the best he's ever had :)
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