Name my marimo!
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For Quonsmas I was gifted a new pet: a marimo! (Marimo are balls of green algae that live in lakes and also now many aquariums and jars.) My particular marimo came with a jar, a nice wooden tag, and instructions to "Write the name of your new Marimo on the wooden tag provided."

Marimo only grow in a few places naturally: Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia. I work in the anime industry so I'm really not interested in a Japanese name (this would be like a lawyer naming their dog "Objection"). Similarly I know a great deal of Scottish and Scottish-descended people with Scottish names so I'd like to avoid those. But it would be neat to name my marimo something Icelandic or Estonian.

As for gender I am not going to invade my marimo's privacy like that but I'm cool with whatever. The name has to be short enough for me to paint prettily on its tag.

Obligatory pet pictures here. (It's really hard to photograph something in water through rounded glass!)
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loðinn is Icelandic for furry/fluffy/woolly/hairy, according to Google, and it would look very pretty on a tag. The ð symbol is pronounced kind of like English "th".
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Also, I think Google is right about that translation, because I found this Icelandic store where they use loðinn to describe this cushion, which looks very much like your marimo would if it didn't have a haircut for a while, and turned pink.
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There are oodles of troll name generators online, thanks to WoW.

Trolls are common on the streets of Reykjavik as well Tallinn.

That green fuzzy thing in your pic could indeed be a troll.
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Its Ikea name is obviously Blöbb.
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Well, those are the best dang pictures of an algae ball I've ever seen, especially the backlit one.

Some Estonian names:
- Eha (dusk)
- Terje (mist)
- Laine (wave)
- Maimu (little)
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Ha! Congrats! I have four of 'em, and they're so much fun.

I'll let you steal one of the Fuzzy Four's names if you want:

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Did you get it through the Mefi quonsar? Then its name is The Green.

Or that could be translated into one of the appropriate languages.
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Tog = Icelandic for the outer coat of a sheep's fleece
Hár =Icelantic for hair
Grænn = Icelandic for green, unsurprisingly.
Tjörn = Icelandic for pond (so Google Translate tells me)
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I also like Greenzo, after a character from one of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock, but full disclosure: he's an asshole.
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The Icelandic word for green is "grænt". You could name it Rupert Grænt.
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"I'm the Slime" from the Frank Zappa song.
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You definitely have to name it Oscar.
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Mary Moe.
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Spudge the Green.
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