Help me come up with a title for a colloquium
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I'm scheduled to give a talk in a couple months at my undergraduate institution and need some help coming up with a title for my talk.

The talk is for math and computer science students and I will be talking about how I've actually used math and computer science topics in my day to day work. I work in data analysis for a company in the aviation industry and right now I'm planning on walking the students through two projects I've worked on that I think will be interesting to them and will demonstrate that what they're learning actually is used in the "real world". Additionally I'm hoping to spur some interest in analytics/big data as a career path for some of the students.

I've never given a talk like this before and I'm struggling to come up with a title to be put on the posters/announcement emails that will be sent out prior to my talk. Since the topics I'll be talking about will be very aviation focused, I'd like some reverence to aviation in the title, but I'm thinking something like "Math in the Aviation Industry" is overly broad and isn't very interesting. I'm hoping someone might have an idea for a title or at least points for what to think about when coming up with one.
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The Air Out There: Math in the Real World of Aviation
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I really do this: Mathematical applications in Aviation

Numbers keep us safe: Math and Aviation

Numbers keep us up: Math and Aviation

Calculating flight: How I use my math degree at work

[Also: I would totally go to a talk called "Math in the Aviation Industry"]
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If you're going to focus on big data/analytics content, I'd highlight that in the title. "Big data applications in aviation" would convince me to attend, "Math in aviation" probably wouldn't.
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Math: The Wind Beneath Our Wings
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From Algorithms to Aviation
Using Math, Big Data and Analytics on Kick-Ass Projects

[someone can edit that ending to something more school-friendly]
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Math Takes to the Sky
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Speaking as an undergrad (physics) professor, I would go with something simple like "Mathematics, Big Data, and Aviation." I wouldn't try to be too cutesy; in my experience, forced puns and such just make students roll their eyes, without any particular affect on whether they attend.

You can probably get away with replacing "Mathematics" with "Linear Algebra" or whatever particular branch of math is most pertinent to your talk, and expect that the students will at least have an idea of what that is. This would signal that you're going to be using stuff they've seen in their undergraduate career in your talk (rather than amorphously defined "mathematics"), and might pique the interest of a few more students that way.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone, these are all great! I probably won't pick a final title until I have my presentation down pat, but I imagine it's going to involve combining the ideas from a couple of your suggestions.
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