Looking for a gift that is made to be destroyed
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I committed a party faux pas at a dear friend's fairly rowdy Christmas brunch and I'd like to get her an apology gift, with a twist.

I accidentally dropped and smashed a darling little cup to bits, and what was worse was, just hours before, I had gone off on a tear about how sweet the little cups were, and how pretty things can cause such sorrow when they get broken. Good grief, I might as well have said, "It would be a...shame if something were to happen to it."

The droppage was absolutely accidental, and my friend has absolutely forgiven me, but I would like to get her a little Christmas happy as an apology. I have asked about replacing the cup, but she says her sister is planning on getting her a replacement as she lives where they are made.

So, I am seeking suggestions for gifts that must be broken to be used. So far, I have come up with only two ideas: those lovely Terry's Chocolate Oranges, and a piñata. You guys have any other (better) suggestions? They need to be something I can get in, or have sent to, the U.S. Under $50 would be best.
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Some Geodes? Not as an only gift, perhaps, but as part of your collection of must-be-broken gifts.
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Piñata cake?
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A Piggy bank
Anything In case of emergency, break glass
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If you can get them in time for Christmas, a set of Christmas crackers! I get mine on the internet, and I've seen them at World Market.
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There is always a peppermint pig.
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Seconding peppermint pig! They are flipping delicious.
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I love this idea. 2nd-ing the geodes, here are some bigger ones too.
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Wreck this Journal!
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Creme brulee?
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Kinder Eggs are legal again in the US and can be found in many fancier grocers, candy shops, and online.
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Piñata Cookies!
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Okay, I've just returned from my local mall which has two candy stores, and I'm going to backpedal on those Kinder eggs. However, one store has something called Yowies from Australia and another has these Spiderman Treasure Chocolate Eggs. I will check back with the place that said they were getting Kinder Eggs "any day" but apologizes if I mistakenly got anyone's Kinderhöpes up.
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These seem to be sold out, but maybe you could make them yourself...
Christmas Cascarones!
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Blow out an egg.
Fancifully decorate it, perhaps hinting that it should be broken.
Write out a poem or note, curl tightly into a tube and insert in your now pretty egg.
Basically just a variation on a cascarone, but with a bit of a ship-in-the-bottle vibe, and less mess.
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I like the geode idea. I went to a Montessori school through third grade, with a class size of 12. We all got along but there were natural pairs of good friends. When we finished third grade, our teacher gave each friend pair a geode, with each kid keeping half. That was nice.
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Some friends of mine have a tradition for a certain occasion. They blow out enough eggs to have at least one per person, and then fill them with tiny strips of paper with wishes and hopes for the next year, ranging from the sincere to the fanciful. The eggs are sealed and decorated. When it comes time to use them, they go around the circle, and everyone chooses an egg. It's then cracked on the heads of the person next to them, and the papers that land on them are their blessings for the coming year.

I have no idea what this tradition might be called, or if it's a *thing* - never asked - but it seemed right to mention it.
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Response by poster: Follow up:
I sent her a package with geodes, a peppermint pig, and a Terry's chocolate orange. I think I may be out of the doghouse. Thank you for all your suggestions.
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