Deck me out for th'office party! Fa la la la la la la la la....
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I am the world's WORST accessorizer. It is known. Last time I wanted to up my fashion game, Mefites were super helpful. Can you do it again, in a Partner's-Holiday-Office-Party flavour?! (Seasonally appropriate) snowflakes inside!

It is Mr. Dorinda's annual office Christmas party on Saturday. I would like to look nice! I will wear this dress (which I lovelovelovelovelove). What else should I wear? (I think the model in the photos looks lovely, but she's maybe styled more spring/summer-y than Christmas-y? Is that even a thing, or am I making that up?) Links to specific items/ideas are very appreciated, as I have a hard time visualizing this kind of stuff. Assume that I probably am ignorant of all but the most basic clothing/fashion-y terms and lingo
Some more info:
- I can't afford new shoes at the moment, so my options are basically something that looks more-or-less like these, these, these, or possibly these. Suggestions tailored to these shoe options greatly appreciated!
- I'm willing to spend a little moolah on some new accessories, but both time and cash are fairly limited (Hooray for the Holidays!) The party is Saturday. I have access to Amazon Prime and most major brick & mortar chain stores.
- The party is at a fairly swanky locale, but the company is a bunch of game designers and programmers so (not to paint with broad strokes or anything, but...) the attire of the other attendees will likely be a very mixed bag. I'd like to look Really Nice, but not Over the Top. I'm definitely open to pops of fun and frivolity (fun tights? Subtly sassy earrings?). No need to keep it totally buttoned up.
- Bonus Q: Should I do my hair (which is long, and red, and often horrible) up and sophisticated? Or down and flowy? Help!

Accessorize me, please!
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If you can swing bare legs (not sure what your weather will be like next weekend) I'd do the nude pumps or the black brocade. If you have to wear tights (which will really clash with the dress, but just in case you have to) do the black brocade.

If you do wear the black brocade shoes (could go bare legged with those too) I'd wear something black up top-- necklace on a velvet cord / ribbon or black Victorian-ish earrings.

I'd do a cranberry or burgundy pashmina wrap thingy with the dress. I love that green with a darker red.

Have fun!
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I like the silver booties with some kind of fun tights--maybe these or these
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Hair up and sophisticated. If you are up for a complicated hair style, something like this. Maybe with a few casually disheveled strands If you make your hair fancy you can get away with less & simpler accessories and still feel fabulous and maybe less intimidated.

I'd go the nude shoe if you can get away with it with no stockings (or very sheer) and a shiny little clutch bag. Long strands of necklaces & arrings in either silver or gold depending on your preference. Bring out your inner Gatsby.

If colder and you have to wear tights, which like travertina said dont' really go with the dress, but you gotta do what ya gotta do in colder weather, I'd go a black patterned hose for fun and the black shoes. I'd also then make sure to keep everything else black, with a black jacket & bag, but still bring in some fun long jewelry & earrings.

Of course my styling ideas are completely influenced by the fact I have just inherited some 1920's costume jewelry & wish I was young & skinny enough to wear that cute dress so I could have an excuse to wear them.
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Nude shoes with very sheer hose or bare leg, statement necklace, hair up with dangly earrings, and I'd do bracelets on both arms (I love jingly bangles for festive events). No need to add red for the red and green thing. I think your dress is lovely. Just wear some sparkle with it to increase the drama and festivity.
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Of the four shoes pictured, only the black and the silver are evening shoes. Black will weigh down the bright green, so pick the silver. You will be indoors, so I doubt your little piggies will catch cold. It's not like it's an outdoor marshmallow roast, right?

Are you busty? Because if you're not, I'm thinking that a cranberry red crushed velvet blazer with a waterfall collar would be nice. If you are busty, though, you don't want to add ANY bulk in that area so choose something that's flat around that part of the bodice. Just make sure it's not something yucky like velour. I've been browsing Amazon but I can't find anything Prime eligible that I'd be completely sure of.

I'd also suggest going into Claire's Accessories for some tinselly/jingle bell earrings.

If your hair is horrible, cram it into an updo and stick in a nice rhinestone comb or something.

Get a silver metallic wristlet clutch to go with the silver sandals, that way you can keep your hands free.
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I'd wear the rhinestone strappy sandals, and I'd look for a wrap of some sort, maybe a pashmina or other big scarf, and some very dangly earrings, possibly Christmas-y.
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