How do I accessorize this dress?
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I've been struggling to find something to wear to an event next week that's nicer and more fun than business professional but definitely short of black tie (it's a non-red-carpet movie premiere). I've finally settled on this dress in black, but it looks a little plain on its own. I need help accessorizing! Particularly with choosing a necklace, but also: what shoes to wear? And what sort of purse-thing to carry?? Difficulties: I can't wear pumps/heels (though shoes with a stable, platform- or wedge-like, moderate heel are okay), and I have about a day and a half to buy everything in person.
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What is the weather forecast for the day of the event (open toe shoes appropriate or not?) and what color are your eyes and hair?
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And how long/what style of hair.

I'm thinking if you have a string of pearls and black flats, you could go simple/classic. A black clutch?
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Response by poster: It's going to be a warm, clear evening in Los Angeles. I have medium-length (just barely brushes my shoulders) dark brown hair with subtle purple streaks, and green eyes.

I've considered pearls, but I think I'd like something a little more interesting?
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Maybe it's because I've never been to a movie premiere (nor, sadly, do I ever anticipate being invited to one), but I'd be tempted to do a bit of sparkle here with that plain black dress as a canvas, rather than going for something staid like pearls (and believe me, I say that as an East Coaster who loves pearls and tweed). Would you be game for that, or do you need to keep it a bit more sedate? Also, do you have any idea what season you are in terms of color typing? Knowing a bit about your complexion would make it a bit easier to choose accessories.
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I like this or this with a deep teal wedge and this. But I am not sure how dressy this is. I might go with a neutral, non-metallic clutch.
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Best answer: I would carry a clutch. It can be on a chain or without a chain. You can choose a color that matches your necklace, or black, or a metallic.

Keep it simple and choose a statement necklace OR a statement earring.

You can't go wrong with metallic accessories and a black shoe. Necklace. Shoe. Clutch.

It may be fun to pick up the green in your eyes by choosing a green necklace. Or choose purple to compliment your streaks. If possible, shop with a black v-neck t-shirt and try some necklaces. If you are busty, look for necklaces don't dangle anywhere near cleavage.
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Response by poster: I am pale, pale woman. I tend toward silver rather than gold partly because it's more my style but also because gold just doesn't look right with my complexion (somehow brings out the yellow undertones). Dark jewel colors look great on me, but I shy away from dark purple/indigo because there's enough of that in my hair and glasses.

I'm OK with a little sparkle but not too much, because I don't want to look overdressed next to my partner.
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Yes, pearls seem businesslike and I'd go with sparkle. Baublebar has great statement necklaces, but so do most shops now (if you're near a Zara or a TopShop or a Nordstrom, you'll have choices in a range of prices).
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Best answer: With a V-neck you should look for a necklace that "dips" into a V too or has vertical lines. You are getting near-vertical lines with that neckline and you don't want anything too

You could go for a classy statement with simple gold matched with a black shoe with low metallic heel and matching clutch (find one without extra bling). Or silver depending upon complexion.

You could also go for a statement necklace (imagine one of them in strong, clear colours), pick out one colour for the clutch and go for black low heels.

You wouldn't look overdressed by doing either - you'd look put-together.
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Best answer: That dress is amazing! Definitely black ballet flats, they would look great. Hush puppy Janessas are my favourite if you don't have any already, they're very comfortable if you're on your feet all night. I'd go for any statement necklace really, you could either have a simple pendant or something showier and more colourful. It should probably drape to mid-chest rather than being a string of beads or a choker. Incidentally, I just picked those pictures as examples of the wide range of things that would work with that amazing dress; I wouldn't actually spend $1000 on a necklace. What do you have at home already?

I wouldn't over-accessorise, the great thing about that dress is how chic and unfussy it is. Maybe add a brighter-coloured pashmina or shawl as well as the necklace if it's an evening event and you might get cold. Plain clutch bag in a colour to match the shawl or necklace.
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Remember, your makeup is also going to a big part of your look (if you wear makeup). Definitely do a brightly-colored statement necklace. And I personally love wedge heels - I think hair up, red lipstick, eye-catching statement necklace and black wedges would look fab.

Have no idea what your budget is but if you're okay with spending a little $, Rent the Runway has pretty awesome necklaces you could rent for about $100.
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Best answer: If you're worried about too much going on or fear being overdressed, choose a simple silver necklace...

Example one. Example two. Black peep toe wedges, and black or fashionable clutch.
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Response by poster: I really appreciate all the suggestions! Especially the specific advice on what type of necklace to go with the neckline. I'm still working on jewelry, but have ended up with these wedge pumps in black and this clutch in black/silver.
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Response by poster: And here's the whole look (minus the shoes). I felt awesome and couldn't have done it without y'all, thanks!
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Great choices rhiannonstone! You look great. Your clutch will last a lifetime and the shoes are a great choice and I imagine you will get lots of wear out of them. They are classic and will go with many different things.
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