Relocating to Sacramento - advice needed re furniture & dogs
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I just got a new job in Sacramento and will be relocating there next month from Washington. (Yikes! That's soon!) Should I bring everything (furniture-wise) with me or is there a good furniture consignment place there? Also, anything a dog owner should know?

So in anticipation of the move I'm considering selling most of my furniture and starting over there. Most of my stuff is older- I'll be bringing my bookshelves but the rest I'm not attached to. My question is this: Are there any consignment stores in Sac that sell decent used furniture, or, maybe even, nice, cool furniture?

My second question is dog-related. Are parks pretty mellow about people bringing their dogs there? Any nice places to walk/play frisbee with my dog?

And if there's anything else a Sacramento newbie should know, please pitch in. Thanks!
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Sacramento is actually a fairly big little city, if that makes any sense. Do you know what part of town you will be moving to? There are definitely furniture consignment stores, though I haven't shopped at any of them, so I can't rate their quality. There is also an Ikea, so that's always an option for relatively low-cost furniture. For even cheaper furniture, in certain parts of town people collect it (I guess from Craigslist free listings?) and sell it on the weekend in ongoing yard sales. This is not actually legal, FYI.

As for dogs, there are some designated off-leash dog parks. On trails and in other parks I see dogs on-leash more often than not, but if dogs are very well-behaved, people are cool. The American River Parkway is an awesome place to go for a run, walk, or bike ride with or without a dog. If you can be more specific about where in town you will be I might have other suggestions.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'm in the process of looking for a house to rent so not sure what area yet. Hoping to be within 10-15 minutes of downtown. Using craigslist to look for houses so will also take a look at furniture.
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When I lived there all the parks through Midtown were full of dog walkers. No biggie.

There were also a few furniture shops around... Scout near L&13th had some stuff I certainly admired while window shopping (vintage/mid century modern).
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If you will have a car, you will have access to craigslist all over the Bay Area. (Berkeley/Oakland is only an hour away.)

The free stuff you can get from craigslist is amazing. If you're willing to pay a little money, your choices are even more amazing.

I don't know what Washington's like but I have noticed that the states with cheap or free dumps/waste management have terrible craigslists. Dumps here are insanely expensive ($50 for a kid's boxspring, anyone?) so people craigslist like fiends.
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There are a few nice furniture consignment stores near the Deseret Industries thrift store on Auburn blvd. Deseret itself is good for furniture, but I didn't find my couch there, walked outside, looked up furniture on Google maps and found two places within a block (also a Peruvian restaurant!). Del Paso Blvd also has a few consignment furniture places, "The Estate Sale store" and a few others.

There are quite a few dog parks in town, the three nearest to the city center are Sutter's Landing Dog Park (28th & B-ish). Partner Park (South Land Park & Seamus Ave) and Granite Bay Regional Park (Power Inn Rd & Ramona.)

Also you didn't ask, but I recommend living on the near south, east or west sides of the downtown grid over the north.

Memail me if you have any more questions!
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Sorry within a few blocks.
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I asked a question re sacramento neighborhoods earlier in the year and got a lot of helpful responses & info about sacramento.
Link is here --
In case it helps!
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Response by poster: These answers are VERY helpful and I'm getting very excited about moving! Thanks! KMR - I read your earlier post - What area did you guys end up moving to?
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Response by poster: I ended up living a block from Tahoe Park, and often visit Curtis Park and Land Park and also like Granite and Partner Dog Parks. Have bought a few items of furniture pretty cheaply on Craigslist. Overall settling in quite nicely. Thanks for your help!
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