Anybody used Lyft in Orlando (from the airport and back)?
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I am thinking about using lyft to get to and from the Orlando airport to my Disney world resort. Usually it's $70 by cab but lyft gives an estimate in the 30s, so it's tempting. My flight gets in at 11pm however so I am worried there won't be any availibily then. Also when taking it back to the airport I obviously need it to reliably pick me up. A couple questions: 1) anybody ever done this and what was the experience? 2) what is the wait time for pick up? 3) what was the cost?
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If you're staying at Disney, they have a bus that runs from the airport to the resorts. Disney's Magical Express.

Why mess around with Lyft or Uber?
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Seconding the Magical Express. It's free, they show movies, and at 11pm, probably won't be too crowded.
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Response by poster: The magical express is a big time waster. On the way there it takes at least 1.5 hours. I typically fly in late at night and i have waited 30 mins just at the airport while they accumulate enough people. On the way back from the airport they want to give you a bus 3.5 hrs before your flight (for a 45 minute drive). I always take a cab back so I am not spending my entire day at the airport - I am trying to find a cheaper option.
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Best answer: I've used Uber (having not learned of that company's ethical issues until after the fact) from an airport hotel to Disney World and back. Both times, it cost about $35-40. I used my free first ride (up to $30 credit) on the way there, and my girlfriend used hers on the way back, so we only paid about five bucks each time. On the way back, we called for a ride in the evening, probably about 10 or 11 pm, and we had a ride within minutes. I checked both Uber and Lyft, just out of curiosity, and there was no problem with availability.

I have read on a forum for Uber drivers that local law enforcement has been citing Uber/Lyft drivers at the Orlando airport. I don't know if this is still happening, but it could cause some problems with availability, at least when you're trying to get picked up at the airport. I suppose a solution would be to take a bus or shuttle or taxi to a local hotel or restaurant, but I don't know if that's too much of a waste of time.
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I think there's pretty much no harm in trying lyft/uber when you get there. If there aren't any drivers available or you don't want to wait, take a cab. If you like the experience, take it back, too, perhaps with a cab as a fallback option.

Lyft in my experience has been very reliable, but I haven't used lyft in orlando yet so ymmv.
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Best answer: I don't know if anything happened, but I got this e-mail from Uber over the weekend. I'm sure it applies to Lyft drivers, as well.
Hey [SpringAquifer],

As a valued Uber customer who has used uberX in Orlando, we wanted you to know some important information that would affect you as a visitor.

This Monday, the Orlando City Council is going to vote on an ordinance aimed at forcing Uber out of Orlando. This legislation, written for taxi companies that don't want to have to compete, would:
* REQUIRE Uber fares to more than DOUBLE
* Enact burdensome red tape that would create long wait times for rides
TELL MAYOR BUDDY DYER that a quality visit to Orlando starts with Uber.

Tell the Mayor to send this legislation back to the drawing board in order to:
* Ensure tourists have access to the modern ridesharing options they expect
* Allow you to decide what transportation options you want at the low prices you deserve
We need you to make your voice heard in whatever way you can: call, email or tweet at Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City Commissioners and tell them that as a visitor, you want Uber in Orlando! Do all three if you can!
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