What comes to mind when I say "cleaning service"?
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If you had to choose something that could visually represent a cleaning service for houses and businesses in an unusual, offbeat way, what would it be?
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Feather duster. It's not super unusual, but it's prettier than a mop or broom or bucket or vacuum cleaner. And there are different shapes and colours you could go with.
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Yep. A feather duster. I think it's because no one really dusts any more.

For offbeat, maybe a pink feather duster.
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Harvey Keitel.
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Response by poster: Uncle Conrad and Aunt Ginny's bedroom set as well, no?
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Totally. The logo could be a guy in evening wear screaming up in a flash car, packing a pink feather duster.
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I agree with the feather duster -- that's what I thought too before I saw the replies. And maybe if you can incorporate a glimmer or twinkle into the logo, like something is looking brand new and shiny.
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Scrubbing gloves and a sponge mop is what I thought.
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Have you ever met Henry?
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I would create two distinct logos, one each for your business and household arms:

For business: a stylized office (or warehouse) in a washing machine. An opened box of soap powder on top. A hand about to turn the machine on.

For household: same, except a stylized house in the machine.
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A winged broom.
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For me it has to be a blue rag wiping across something. Not sure why the color but I get the feeling of clean.
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